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Located in Round Rock...

115 Sundance Parkway #330 Round Rock, TX 78681 
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We are located on the strip of retail stores on the eastern side of the shopping center, closest to I35 and behind Hooters, across the parking lot from Lowe’s. Koh’ls is on the opposite side of the shopping center from Monarch.

From the southbound I35 frontage road, turn by Hooters onto Sundance Parkway. Take the 2nd entrance on your left and we are between Cell Phone CPR and Austin Life Chiropractic. We are directly across the parking lot from Lowe’s.

From west bound Louis Henna Blvd, turn right into La Frontera Village onto Parker Dr by Barnes & Noble and Old Navy. Go right in the roundabout onto Sundance Parkway. go past Petco and take the 2nd turn on your right and we are right in the middle of the shopping center with T-Mobile and EyeMart.

• 100% FREE Evaluations •
• No Appointment Necessary, EVER •
• NO Obligation Offers •

Gift Cards Buyers – Click For More – Come by today and we will make you an all cash offer on most major retailers. Don’t forget your valid ID, we’ll need that to pay you.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Buyers – Click For More – In any form – Jewelry, Chains, Rings, Earrings, Coin, Bars, Other Bullion, Foreign Coins, Currency, and many many more forms. In any condition – old, ugly, dirty, and broken or brand new in the box. In any quantity. Our minimum transaction is $1 and there is no maximum. Don’t forget your valid ID, we’ll need that to pay you.

Coin, Bar, and Bullion Buyers – Click For More – In any quantity, in one transaction, no caps on how much, and a minimum of $1 per transaction. We will buy one tiny little dime-sized coin or a whole suitcase full of bars in one visit and one transaction. We also don’t care about condition. Are your coins or bars damaged? No problem, we’ll buy them right now. Don’t forget your valid ID, we’ll need that to pay you.

GIA Trained Diamond Buyers – Click For More – Any diamond that is .30 carat or larger, certified or uncertified, any shape, any quality, even damaged diamonds…we’ll buy them. Some restrictions do apply so bring it on in and we’ll explain everything and make an all cash offer in real time, and you get paid on the spot. Don’t forget your valid ID, we’ll need that to pay you.

"...the pawn shop told me my ring was fake, and she was rude about it. We're glad we came here."

L. Brown, Monarch client

Monarch is required by law to see your physical government issued ID at the time of your transaction. If your ID is not present, or is present but expired, we can not finalize your transaction. We are sorry for any inconvenience but this is the law and we intend to abide by it.

Austin you now have a classy and professional choice for getting immediate cash from your unwanted Gold, Silver, Platinum, Coin, Bars, Bullion, Diamonds, Luxury Watches, Unwanted Gift Cards, and so much more!

Monarch Gold & Diamond Buyers has brought a new and upscale opportunity for selling your unwanted gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, unwanted gift cards, bullion, gold & silver bars, Sterling silver, Sterling flatware & dinnerware, dental gold, gold scrap, and so much more.

Monarch provides a safe, secure, and professional environment where a highly trained Monarch Pro will take the time to discuss your needs and explain the entire process, do it all right in front of you, and pay you right there on the spot!

Don’t forget your valid ID, we’ll need that to pay you.

There are a few things that make Monarch significantly better…

  1. We buy ANYTHING made from a precious metal – Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium. We don’t care what condition it is in. Bring every broken, old, ugly, out of style, badd juju piece of jewelry – or brand new, pretty, and current style jewelry –  in your jewelry box and we will make a no-obligation offer on everything that we can buy. Don’t clean it. Don’t polish it. Just bring it in for a FREE evaluation and immediate cash offer. Not sure if it is indeed Gold, Silver, or Platinum? No problem. Bring it to us and we will show you how to determine that for FREE! We also buy coins, bars, ingots, bullion, raw materials, scrap, dental implants, Sterling Silver jewelry, silverware, tea sets, serving trays, and anything else you can imagine that is made from a precious metal and not plated or filled.
  2. WE ACTUALLY BUY DIAMONDS! Most pawnshops and low end gold buyers have no idea how to properly evaluate and offer on your diamonds. Monarch Professionals are trained extensively in GIA diamond grading standards so that we can properly evaluate the rarity and true market value of your diamonds in real time. That means more money in your pocket for any diamond that is at least .30ct or larger, any shape, and quality, and as long as it is not color treated. For truly rare and valuable diamonds we have an extensive and international network of diamond buyers that will make aggressive and on-market offers for your stone in real time. You can put our decades of experience and worldwide network of diamond professionals buying and selling diamonds around the globe to work generating the most money for your diamonds.
  3. Every Monarch Gold & Diamond Buyer location is not only classy and professional, but supremely safe and secure. We take great pride in providing a classy, upscale, comfortable, and professional environment in which to conduct our business that is also clean, safe, and secure. We ARE NOT what you probably think of when considering the sale of your valuables. We ARE NOT a pawnshop. We ARE NOT a coin shop. We are something different entirely!
  4. There are NO limits on the value of your transaction. We will buy ALL of your Gold or Silver coin, Gold or Silver bars, Gold or Silver ingots and bullion, and any form of Platinum or Palladium coin, bars, or bullion in one visit and one transaction. No tricks, no gimmicks. The minimum transaction value for Monarch is $1. We don’t care how much, or how little, we just want to buy it all and properly earn your business in the process.
  5. Your materials NEVER leave your sight. The entire process is done right in front of you while your Monarch Pro explains the process, what we are looking for from the evaluation process, and how we can offer on anything that we can buy – completely and entirely for FREE with no obligation of any kind. Your Monarch Pro will make an all cash offer on anything that we can buy in real time with no obligation of any kind. We never charge to take a peak at your valuables and make an immediate offer; or help determine if your item is indeed Gold, Silver, or Platinum.

We are Austin Coin Buyers, Austin Diamond Buyers, Austin Jewelry Buyers, Austin Gold Buyers, Austin Gift Card Buyers, Austin Rolex Buyers and we are paying immediate cash for Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gift Cards, Diamonds, Luxury Watches, Gold & Silver Coin, Bullion, and much more!